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Secret Santa?

With Christmas decorations once again beginning to appear in the shops (yes it is September!) I’ve been thinking a bit about Christmas gift giving. In my last post ‘Let’s have a party’, I wrote a bit about the merits of giving … Continue reading

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Let’s have a party…

This month we had a birthday party for my son who was turning 6. I’d been knocked pretty flat with a virus the week leading up to his party and was still crook on the day. So I knew that by … Continue reading

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Career progression for part timers – the new equity hurdle

Buried way down on the list of ways in which workplaces can ensure that they are an employer of choice of women is the point “Does your organisation keep statistics on the career progression of staff who have worked periods of … Continue reading

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On having one car

For the past 8 years we’ve been trying hard to be a one car family. This was both an environmental and an economic decision. We figured you spend about 5k a year on a second car and that money is … Continue reading

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How much should a pair of undies cost?

So in the last few months I’ve been consciously working to be a more ethical consumer, particularly when it comes to food. This has also caused me to question my own beliefs and concepts about buying other stuff, like clothes. I don’t buy many … Continue reading

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Gender Asbestos

It is amazing that in 2010 women still only make up approx 10% of positions on ASX 200 company boards. Why? Yesterday I went to the PSA Women’s Conference. Elizabeth Broderick, the Sex Discrimination Commissioner, gave a presentation and in it … Continue reading

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But Thinking Makes it So….

The power of the mind…. It was dear old Hamlet who uttered the words “Nothing is neither good nor bad but thinking makes it so”. Your mind has the power to change how you perceive something, but does it have … Continue reading

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