Big Shoes to Fill

OK, so not only do I have big shoes to fill in starting a bit of a greeny/social commentary type blog, I also have a literal problem of big shoes to fill. That is, I have size 12 feet.

If you’ve ever tried to shop for any size shoe over 10.5 in women’s sizes in Australia you’ll know that essentially you have to go to a specialist shoe store. Specialist shoe store = $$$. To complicate things I also have narrow (AA) feet. Even in the specialist shoe stores there are usually only 1-2 pairs that might fit me and they cost as much as a mortgage payment on our house (if not more!).

The traditional territory of a blog is sharing things you like, or alternatively, sharing things you don’t like. My big feet are both. I recently had to turn down a gift of a pair of Dr Martens boots because even though they were the right length, my darn narrow feet were swimming in them (that comes in the don’t like category).

But I reckon the reason I like them, is that because of my feet I’ve always been a bit of a dag. I was the one wearing socks with black sandals back in high school when it was seriously uncool to do that, simply because I couldn’t get any other black shoes that fitted my feet. So, my feet have taught me that image is not everything: an important lesson to learn.

So whilst it would be nice (just once even) to have trendy shoes, I can embrace a sense of freedom from image. I also get longevity out of my shoes – I still own and wear the pair of shoes I wore to my year 12 formal. A shoe that fits is too precious to give away!


About greenleftyidealist

Green, left and idealistic. A mum, a runner, a rogainer, a public servant and wanna be writer. My dog is golden.
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2 Responses to Big Shoes to Fill

  1. laurie says:

    welcome to blog world bron!!!
    as for the feet i sooooooo hear you.
    thankfully, as i am a midget next to you, my grief is nothing… but answer me this… how do you get on with socks…
    i LOVE socks.
    the brighter the better (as if i want my feet to be boring!) but ladies socks come perpetually in sizes 3-8 and with a size 10 foot inside holes pretty much occur after the first wearing!! and mens socks… well.. when was the last time you saw rainbow striped socks in the menswear department!!???
    bummer about the docs by the way!!

    keep on bloggin my dear! 🙂
    p.s… my ma still wears the shoes i wore to my YEAR 6 farewell!!!! aaaaah, shoe life.. 🙂

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