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Friends and Followers

If you’ve never written a blog before, one thing that is interesting about it, is that programs like WordPress provide you with a whole bunch of stats about your blog. You can find out how many people have visited your … Continue reading

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Lessons in singing, dancing and life

I have never been a particularly outgoing person. I’m not one of those easy going bubbly personalities. I’m generally quiet and a bit shy. Growing up I was particularly self conscious about things like dancing and singing. Basically, they were things … Continue reading

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Delayed Gratification

I’m willing to accept that I’m a bit of a miser. I don’t think I’ve ever once paid for my kids to ride on one of those $2 rides in shopping centres (if you can call bobbing up and down … Continue reading

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Walking to School

In my ideal world image of parenting my children were always going to be walked to and from school. We live within an easy walking distance of our local public school and I wanted to foster an attitude within my kids that walking was … Continue reading

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TV or not TV – that is the question…

I have had a very mixed relationship with TV throughout the years. As young kids my brothers and I pretty much had the romanticised Aussie’s childhood. Hanging out with neighbour’s kids, backyard cricket, playing in the backyard generally – pretty … Continue reading

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