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Public vs Private

In Australia our education system is so extensive that we have choices. There are government run public schools (including comprehensive schools, co-ed and single sex schools, selective schools and other speciality schools for sports or performing arts) and a variety of … Continue reading

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January Madness

I’m not sure if it’s because of my growing awareness of consumerism, or my growing number of grey hairs (or both!), but more and more I’m appalled by the absolute craziness that seems to possess people around December and January. … Continue reading

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The Santa Lie

All discerning adults know that Santa Claus is a lie. In Australia, we really don’t need to worry about the general absence of chimneys because the jolly old man with the white beard and red suit doesn’t need to gain … Continue reading

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Buy me, buy me, buy me…

My kids have only just started to watch commercial TV this year. They look forward to watching Dora the Explorer and Diego bright and (too) early on a Saturday morning. My oldest son actually loves watching the ads and gets annoyed … Continue reading

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