The death of the drop in

Image taken from andrey.mindryukov's photostream on Flickr under Creative Commons License

Hands up who has had someone they know knock on their door in the last year without prior notice that they were coming?

Dropping by, calling in… Call it what you will… it’s dying out.

It’s a really interesting aspect to social media that it allows us to dip into friendship when it is convenient. You can log on and catch up with what has been happening with all your friends after the kids are in bed, or in your lunch break. Our lives are becoming that much more controlled and packaged.

Suddenly we’ve got to a point where we live in such a controlled environment that there is no spontaneity. It’s not acceptable to drop in on friends un-announced. Get togethers must be pre arranged via Facebook, or perhaps email (over the phone is so yesterday – and besides you might catch someone whilst they’re busy – heaven forbid interrupting a friend). Organised outings are great – I know I wouldn’t see some busy friends without them, but there’s got to be another level of friendship in life.

I’ve never been much of a phone person. Talking on the phone was always kind of awkward for me, but writing was easy. So in some ways I’ve really embraced online friendships. When I wrote it was often easier to be more intimate with friends than in person.

But I’ve realised of late that I want to have at least a few friends who not only think they can drop in at our place, but that they genuinely want to. I want friends who embrace our train-set covered floor and kitchen benches with dirty hand marks because the trade off is good times, good conversations, good humour, and someone to share the tough times with in person.

Maybe if I had a novelty door mat (I love this one) that would improve the situation?

(I would actually get a lot of smiles myself rocking up to my own house and having the door mat pictured in this post greet me! I saw it once at a hardware store in Rose Bay and would have bought it then and there but for the anti-consumerist in me!)

Do you think social media is changing how you are interacting with your friends?

Do you have anyone who drops in on you?

And if you wanna be a drop by friend, when the desire strikes you feel free. Do it. Drop by. The worst that will happen is that we’re not home or that there’ll be a pile of mess to greet you, but we’ll certainly try to make you welcome regardless.

Image taken from with thanks to  andrey.mindryukov.

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Green, left and idealistic. A mum, a runner, a rogainer, a public servant and wanna be writer. My dog is golden.
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