Onion weed

Image taken from The Weed One's photostream on Flickr under Creative Commons License

Dear Onion Weed….

Oh how I hate you!

I mow the lawn and for 2 days it looks great.

Then …BAM… day three comes and you’ve grown back again, sticking out like a sore thumb above the grass.

Nothing defeats you.

I dig you out and you multiply tenfold with the stupid little bulbs you leave behind in the soil.

I hate you so much that I break my greeny ways and painstakingly paint glyphosate on you so you die.

But you are living proof that reincarnation exists.

Except for the fact that you reincarnate as Onion Weed again.

Your glyphosate death and withering yellow leaves lulls me into a false sense of security when you come up again a month or two later.

Onion weed, is your purpose on earth to teach us that nothing is ever perfect?

Or are you here to provide the ultimate lesson in perseverance?

Onion weed, will you ever meet your destiny?

Image taken from http://www.flickr.com/photos/the_weed_one/5103438121/sizes/l/in/photostream/ with thanks to The Weed One.

About greenleftyidealist

Green, left and idealistic. A mum, a runner, a rogainer, a public servant and wanna be writer. My dog is golden.
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