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The sound of silence

More and more lately I feel like the odd one out. It used to be that only the serious music lover or band fanatic was continually plugged into their music. Now the iPod, iPhone and their various imitations are everywhere you … Continue reading

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Together we can…

Psychologists have referred to the idea of learned helplessness when discussing some cases of poverty around the world. Faced unrelentingly with tremendous hardship many people begin to believe that there is nothing that they can do to change their circumstances. But it … Continue reading

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A life less ordinary…

Film and literature drum into us that to live a full and meaningful life, we must avoid the ordinary. Everything from Robert Frost’s The Road not Taken to more recent films like Dead Poets Society, where Mr Keating implores his students … Continue reading

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On Running…

With the exception of becoming a wife and mother, I think that running has taught me the most about life, and helped me to be a better person as a result. It is not so much the number of lessons learned … Continue reading

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