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Let me entertain you…

There has been a lot of social commentary on the idea that there are kids growing up in the developed world today who don’t know how to play. Kids of varying ages spend hours each day staring at TV shows, … Continue reading

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Grief Amongst the Rubble – Christchurch’s Darkest Day

Just over a month ago I climbed up the Christchurch Cathedral Spire with my family. I looked out onto Cathedral Square and appreciated the beauty of the city. We took the boys for a ride on the hop on/hop off … Continue reading

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Eat my dust…

Where has all the competition gone? Competition just seems to fade from your life when you’re an adult. Unless you participate in a team sport or battle it out in the courtroom for your job, it feels like the thrill of competition … Continue reading

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Australia Day

January 26. Australia Day. The day we’re all suppossed to feel a sense of unity and pride in being Australian. A day that brings us together. A day to celebrate who we are as a nation. I’ve given myself about … Continue reading

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Can you tell me what your name is… I wonder if you know?

  My son has a nice sense of identity at the moment. For the past year or so he has been going to a community music class for preschoolers with his Grandma, aunt and cousin. One of the things they do … Continue reading

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