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Dress for success?

Image – It’s an issue you’ll find raised again and again in my posts. I think it’s fair to say that consumerism is spurred on by the desire for both ourselves, and the things we surround ourselves with to look ‘just … Continue reading

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Take a chance on me

  Nowadays when you ask a kid what they want to be when they grow up, they’re just as likely to say ‘famous’ as they are ‘doctor’, ‘teacher’, ‘ballerina’ or ‘policeman’. But the desire for fame is not just a … Continue reading

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Wants and needs

I wrote about this in one of my first posts ‘More Baby’. Talking up the ‘nesting instinct’ almost advocates spending of thousands of dollars on things babies rarely need, and that will get little use.Nothing seems to bring out consumer culture more … Continue reading

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Dear Vice Chancellors…

Dear Vice Chancellors, The Australian Government published a consultation paper in 2010 on meeting Australia’s future research workforce needs. The basic premise of this paper was that, like many sectors, higher education is facing the iminent retirement of a whole bunch of … Continue reading

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It’s a pleasure

My last post ‘Retail Therapy’ explored the idea that we should think before we buy. Sometimes we shop to alleviate problems that would be more effectively dealt with in other ways. We could all benefit from knowing ourselves more. Understanding … Continue reading

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Retail Therapy

Of all the phrases that have potential to grate on me I think the one that irritates me the most is ‘retail therapy’. ‘Retail therapy’ encapsulates so many of the problems in society at the moment. Do we really  all think that we can … Continue reading

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Remembering Our Amazing Women

Tuesday 8 March marks the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day – a day to celebrate how far we have come with regards to women’s rights, but also to reflect upon the next steps of the journey. In many developing … Continue reading

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