It’s a pleasure

Image taken from HikingArtist's photostream on Flickr under Creative Commons License

My last post ‘Retail Therapy’ explored the idea that we should think before we buy.

Sometimes we shop to alleviate problems that would be more effectively dealt with in other ways.

We could all benefit from knowing ourselves more. Understanding the motivation behind our consumption, and ways to effectively address these issues for ourselves is not only empowering, but will help us become more sustainable in our habits.

But without shopping, or excessive internet surfing or television viewing (consumption of a different kind) what makes us happy?

Many of us are so use to tapping into these three things for boredom relief. They are so readily available, and to some degree addictive.

So, as a start, I wanted to begin making a list of the simple things in life that give me pleasure: things that don’t cost a lot, and don’t contribute to over consumption. It’ll be there as a reminder when ever I get lonesome, dispirited or bored.

It’s an exercise in self awareness, and also an exercise in sharing. Let’s get a great list going of the simple pleasures in life.

What are the simple things that make you happy?

Here’s my start:

1. Wearing stripes – striped socks, striped t shirts, striped undies. They have to be fun stripes and not corporate stripes: stripes that run horizontally and not vertically. And preferably multi coloured stripes.

2. Being in the sunshine – nothing better than a warm autumn day when you have time to sit and appreciate the weather.

3. Hugging my dog – especially when she rolls over and wants a tummy rub.

4. Tickling my kids

5. Swimming at the beach – if it’s warm enough to go in fully and swim the effect is so restorative on body and soul.

6. Being in beautiful natural places – Abel Tasman National Park in New Zealand was my most recent amazing memory of this.

7. Writing – writing fun and interesting stuff like this blog is truly enjoyable

8. Running

9. Reading great kids books with my sons (currently dipping into Roald Dahl and beautiful tales like the Pocket Dogs go on Holidays and Sometimes Love is Under Your Foot – check them out if you haven’t read them)

10. Singing and dancing to daggy music with the kids e.g. Sweet Caroline – Neil Diamond

11. Reading something that just ‘clicks’ with you. When you think whoever wrote it is really on the same page as you and you just lap it all up, or when you read something that lets you see things in ways you’ve never seen them before.

12. When my sons give me a kiss or a hug just because they feel like it. It’s spontaneous and beautiful and I treasure it.

What are some of your simple pleasures?

Let’s get a great list going.

Image taken from with thanks to HikingArtist. 

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Green, left and idealistic. A mum, a runner, a rogainer, a public servant and wanna be writer. My dog is golden.
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1 Response to It’s a pleasure

  1. toemailer says:

    We sure do need more stopping to smell the roses, thanks for allowing me to stumble on to this, excessive internet surfing notwithstanding, 🙂

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