Feel the sunshine

Photo by Greenleftyidealist

No one appreciates sunshine more than a dog. They have this innate ability to find the sunny patch (and wherever possible claim it as their own!).

Sure this can be said of a lot of animals – seals bask on rocks in the sun – but I think of all animals it is dogs who really know how to lap it up.  

Today is one of the last days of autumn and the sun is shining brilliantly. It is days like these that make you appreciate the simple things in life – just being in the sunshine for example.

I’ve always loved the time of day just before the sun goes down on sunny days. The world is bathed in this golden light. It’s the perfect time to walk a dog like ‘Ellie’. Her fur shines with gold. You get to bask in warmth of all kinds: the simple joy that a dog emanates when they get to go ‘walkies’ and the physical warmth shining down on you from the last rays of the day.

It is perfect.

But it is fleeting.

And this transience is important. It’s one of the contrasts of life. Only through the cool and dark of nights and winter, can we really appreciate the simple wonder of basking in the sunshine.

I’ve had different experiences of the sunshine of late.

I’ve had times when my soul has been heavy, and I’ve felt isolated from the world, lost in depression.

I’ve walked down busy streets, hearing the noise of the traffic and the rumble of planes overhead, yet felt that in the depression that enveloped me the world was silent. I was this little microcosm of silence and isolation – in the world, and yet not of it.

Yet through this feeling the autumn sun shone down on me and bathed me in its warmth. It felt like the one thing that connected me to the world. The one way the world could comfort me.

But today the sunshine has not had to act as my connection back from the darkness. Today the sun even shone inside me.

Today the sunshine has reminded me of the beauty in the simple things in life: weeding the garden, watching my kids play, even hanging out the washing in that sunshine. How beautiful the ordinary can be!

Today the sunshine was my life drug and I couldn’t get enough. The sunshine showed me the way the world can be.  

I will probably always be a person who suffers from depression, and have times when I am plunged into darkness. But I’m thankful for the sunshine that helps give me that connection back to the world.

And I’m thankful that I’m growing and learning to lap it up like a dog.

Sometimes the days are grey and the sunshine can’t weave its magic when it’s needed.

But the beauty of sunshine is that there’s always tomorrow – another dawn, another day and another opportunity to feel the sunshine and the warmth of life.

About greenleftyidealist

Green, left and idealistic. A mum, a runner, a rogainer, a public servant and wanna be writer. My dog is golden.
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