Blogs I Like

Here’s a selection of blogs (and posts) that I like: A blog about trying to be better humans (this blog rings a chord with me – perhaps it is what Greenleftyidealist might be like in part when it ‘grows up’) A new online space for feminists around Australia find out about the ethical fashion pledge and great discussion and links for ethical fashion options a great project which started out as  Sheena wearing one dress with thrifted accessories for one year to raise funds for children in India to be schooled. There is now a series of spinoff fundraisers with different  wearers/dresses/charities for 1 month at a time. his musings section is great – check out Dear Dad, we don’t need to turn the boats away, we need to send them back for more… and Dear Rice, it’s been fun, but it’s over… a pictorial look at some of Sydney’s amazing suburbs seriously funny and love the illustrations all done on ‘paint’ which is amazing. This post had me laughing so hard – a blog with helpful tips and posts about writing a thesis (that takes me back!) check out the post on ads for kids toys and gender messages among others.

A great post from Sara Phillips – Anti-consumerism is the new democracy

Not a blog but a two part post (be sure to click on the link at the bottom to read the second part) Best cupcakes and humour in Oz Great photos and good for feeding your travel envy Everything you ever wanted to know about plants given to you in an interesting and entertaining format

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