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The selfie that really raises breast cancer awareness

Almost everyone will have been confronted with the phenomenon of the “no makeup selfie” raising awareness for breast cancer. They’re everywhere on social media accompanied with the usual hash tags – #nomakeupselfie, #beatcancersooner #breastcancerawreness. There’s been a lot of commentary … Continue reading

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The truth about beauty

I have never been particularly driven by beauty. I am in no way glamorous, and rarely look polished – with ‘just so’ hair and make up or a crisply ironed outfit. I am what you might call ‘practically driven’, and … Continue reading

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Bucking the trend

Sometimes, when things are just so appealing to the vast majority of people in the world, they suddenly lose their appeal to me. It’s not that I particularly want to be unique, or to brag about the fact that I … Continue reading

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Back to the future…

It seems that all around us is a continual lust for things from the past. The proliferation of ‘hipstamatic‘ retro photographs is just one example. It’s just not right if your latest facebook profile photo doesn’t feature a slightly blurry, red tinged, … Continue reading

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Dress for success?

Image – It’s an issue you’ll find raised again and again in my posts. I think it’s fair to say that consumerism is spurred on by the desire for both ourselves, and the things we surround ourselves with to look ‘just … Continue reading

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Take a chance on me

  Nowadays when you ask a kid what they want to be when they grow up, they’re just as likely to say ‘famous’ as they are ‘doctor’, ‘teacher’, ‘ballerina’ or ‘policeman’. But the desire for fame is not just a … Continue reading

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Can you tell me what your name is… I wonder if you know?

  My son has a nice sense of identity at the moment. For the past year or so he has been going to a community music class for preschoolers with his Grandma, aunt and cousin. One of the things they do … Continue reading

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