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The real purpose of Mother’s Day: Remembrance

Mother’s Day is fast approaching. We know it from the catalogues that invade our letterboxes. We know it from the gift guides in the newspapers. We know it from the primary school stalls filled with $5 or less trinkets (usually … Continue reading

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Why words matter

Recently there was a mild furore in the blogosphere about a post on kidspot 4 ways to fold a fitted sheet (including the RIGHT one). Normally I wouldn’t have clicked anywhere near such a post but I’ll admit the fitted … Continue reading

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Silence is not golden

When my best friend’s baby was stillborn I was utterly devastated for her. I will never forget the day I found out. I had just started maternity leave myself as I was 38 weeks pregnant. Both my sons had arrived … Continue reading

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The mulch that (almost) broke the camel’s back

2012 was a big year (and a year of not much blogging as a result!). For the first half of the year I was working full time, studying part time, parenting two young boys and was pregnant with our third … Continue reading

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Hip babies

There is no end to the supply of the latest and greatest baby products that parents want to get their hands on. One of the more recent trends are designer swaddles that promise to help babies sleep and give parents … Continue reading

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A little blue in a sea of pink

When I was expecting my first daughter after having two sons I knew I’d have to confront my issues with pink. It’s pretty much impossible to have a daughter and not to have to dress them in pink at some … Continue reading

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Pregnancy Discrimination: it’s against the law – or is it?

Publicly available literature about sex and pregnancy discrimination in NSW promotes a glossy picture. It is illegal: end of problem. The ADB fact sheet states that sex discrimination is against the law: in employment — when you apply for a … Continue reading

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