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The truth about beauty

I have never been particularly driven by beauty. I am in no way glamorous, and rarely look polished – with ‘just so’ hair and make up or a crisply ironed outfit. I am what you might call ‘practically driven’, and … Continue reading

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The internet popularity contest

I’ve been thinking a bit about the internet as a marketing tool recently. I’ve got a lot out of writing this blog – it has really renewed my passion for writing and engaging with ideas beyond those I have to … Continue reading

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Feel the sunshine

No one appreciates sunshine more than a dog. They have this innate ability to find the sunny patch (and wherever possible claim it as their own!). Sure this can be said of a lot of animals – seals bask on … Continue reading

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Sick guilt

I went to the doctor’s today. For the past 2-3 months I’ve been having problems with severe dry mouth, and most recently, dry eyes and a lack of tears. I’d been back and forward to the doctor a few times, … Continue reading

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Back to the future…

It seems that all around us is a continual lust for things from the past. The proliferation of ‘hipstamatic‘ retro photographs is just one example. It’s just not right if your latest facebook profile photo doesn’t feature a slightly blurry, red tinged, … Continue reading

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Retail Therapy

Of all the phrases that have potential to grate on me I think the one that irritates me the most is ‘retail therapy’. ‘Retail therapy’ encapsulates so many of the problems in society at the moment. Do we really  all think that we can … Continue reading

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Let me entertain you…

There has been a lot of social commentary on the idea that there are kids growing up in the developed world today who don’t know how to play. Kids of varying ages spend hours each day staring at TV shows, … Continue reading

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