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Pregnancy Discrimination: it’s against the law – or is it?

Publicly available literature about sex and pregnancy discrimination in NSW promotes a glossy picture. It is illegal: end of problem. The ADB fact sheet states that sex discrimination is against the law: in employment — when you apply for a … Continue reading

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The outsourcing ‘solution’

Lately there seems to have been a renewed focus on the need for greater representation of women on boards, and into management and beyond. This is great. Many of the ‘solutions’ offered, though, are all about outsourcing. Outsourcing is an … Continue reading

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Dress for success?

Image – It’s an issue you’ll find raised again and again in my posts. I think it’s fair to say that consumerism is spurred on by the desire for both ourselves, and the things we surround ourselves with to look ‘just … Continue reading

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Dear Vice Chancellors…

Dear Vice Chancellors, The Australian Government published a consultation paper in 2010 on meeting Australia’s future research workforce needs. The basic premise of this paper was that, like many sectors, higher education is facing the iminent retirement of a whole bunch of … Continue reading

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Remembering Our Amazing Women

Tuesday 8 March marks the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day – a day to celebrate how far we have come with regards to women’s rights, but also to reflect upon the next steps of the journey. In many developing … Continue reading

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Eat my dust…

Where has all the competition gone? Competition just seems to fade from your life when you’re an adult. Unless you participate in a team sport or battle it out in the courtroom for your job, it feels like the thrill of competition … Continue reading

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A life less ordinary…

Film and literature drum into us that to live a full and meaningful life, we must avoid the ordinary. Everything from Robert Frost’s The Road not Taken to more recent films like Dead Poets Society, where Mr Keating implores his students … Continue reading

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