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Take a chance on me

  Nowadays when you ask a kid what they want to be when they grow up, they’re just as likely to say ‘famous’ as they are ‘doctor’, ‘teacher’, ‘ballerina’ or ‘policeman’. But the desire for fame is not just a … Continue reading

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Dear Vice Chancellors…

Dear Vice Chancellors, The Australian Government published a consultation paper in 2010 on meeting Australia’s future research workforce needs. The basic premise of this paper was that, like many sectors, higher education is facing the iminent retirement of a whole bunch of … Continue reading

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A life less ordinary…

Film and literature drum into us that to live a full and meaningful life, we must avoid the ordinary. Everything from Robert Frost’s The Road not Taken to more recent films like Dead Poets Society, where Mr Keating implores his students … Continue reading

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Walking to School

In my ideal world image of parenting my children were always going to be walked to and from school. We live within an easy walking distance of our local public school and I wanted to foster an attitude within my kids that walking was … Continue reading

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Secret Santa?

With Christmas decorations once again beginning to appear in the shops (yes it is September!) I’ve been thinking a bit about Christmas gift giving. In my last post ‘Let’s have a party’, I wrote a bit about the merits of giving … Continue reading

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Career progression for part timers – the new equity hurdle

Buried way down on the list of ways in which workplaces can ensure that they are an employer of choice of women is the point “Does your organisation keep statistics on the career progression of staff who have worked periods of … Continue reading

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