My Favorite Posts

Here’s a list of some personal favorites (in no particular order):

The mulch that (almost) broke the camel’s back (a post on learning from, and growing through, the biggest thing life can throw at us – death.)

A life less ordinary (a post about dreaming big)

Take a chance on me (a post about seizing the day yourself, and not waiting for your dreams to magically happen)

Feel the sunshine (a post about depression)

On running (a post on why running is as good for your soul as it is for your body)

Back to the future (a post about why simpler times and ‘retro’things are so appealing)

Buy me, buy me, buy me (a post about kids and consumerism)

Career progression for part timers – the new equity hurdle (a post about an issue I am very passionate about)

How much should a pair of undies cost? (a post about consumerism, ethics and questioning the real cost of a ‘bargain’)

What is the true cost? (a post about ethical food)

But thinking makes it so (a post about the power of the mind)

Eat my dust (a post about the absence of healthy competition in adult’s – and in particular women’s – lives)

The truth about beauty (a post about the role of beauty – and particularly nature’s beauty – in our lives)

The call of nature (a post reflecting on thriving from visiting awesome natural places)

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