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Pregnancy Discrimination: it’s against the law – or is it?

Publicly available literature about sex and pregnancy discrimination in NSW promotes a glossy picture. It is illegal: end of problem. The ADB fact sheet states that sex discrimination is against the law: in employment — when you apply for a … Continue reading

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Dear Vice Chancellors…

Dear Vice Chancellors, The Australian Government published a consultation paper in 2010 on meeting Australia’s future research workforce needs. The basic premise of this paper was that, like many sectors, higher education is facing the iminent retirement of a whole bunch of … Continue reading

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Eat my dust…

Where has all the competition gone? Competition just seems to fade from your life when you’re an adult. Unless you participate in a team sport or battle it out in the courtroom for your job, it feels like the thrill of competition … Continue reading

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Career progression for part timers – the new equity hurdle

Buried way down on the list of ways in which workplaces can ensure that they are an employer of choice of women is the point “Does your organisation keep statistics on the career progression of staff who have worked periods of … Continue reading

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Gender Asbestos

It is amazing that in 2010 women still only make up approx 10% of positions on ASX 200 company boards. Why? Yesterday I went to the PSA Women’s Conference. Elizabeth Broderick, the Sex Discrimination Commissioner, gave a presentation and in it … Continue reading

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