Top Posts

Here’s a list of the ten most popular posts (in order 1 – 10 based on number of views) on my blog (as of June 2013):

1. Snug as a bug in a rug ain’t all it’s wrapped up to be (a post about swaddle suits and hip dysplasia)

 2. Public vs private (a post about education)

3. Can you tell me what your name is… (a post about forming your identity)

4. Sick guilt (a post about health, sick leave and workplace culture)

5. More baby? (a post about the consumerist fever surrounding pregnancy and babies)

6. Grief amongst the rubble (a post about the Christchurch earthquakes and memorials)

7. Together we can (a post about global poverty)

8. Pregnancy discrimination: it’s against the law – or is it? (a post about some scary clauses in the NSW Anti-discrimination Act 1977)

9. Let me entertain you (a post about internet and screen addiction)

10. The mulch that (almost) broke the camel’s back (a post about stillbirth and neonatal death)


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